Contract Claims Management Avoidance & Disputes

A word from the Founder of Excell Consulting International, Inc.

Construction is a dangerous and yet potentially lucrative game that calls for all levels of mastery. Having been on both sides as owner and contractor and having been in the “pits” was the rationale for Excell’s birth.

Excell Philosophy:

"You add good people, Subtract bad performers, Multiply yourself by delegating tasks, And divide the credit, recognition and profits with your people, this has been the key to our success."

Excell prides itself on assembling a talented team that targets our clients' problems, and positions our client for an economical and expedited recovery of costs that can be proven to be the responsibility of another. We use state-of-the-art graphics and the latest in acceptable methods to effect that process and we pride ourselves on speed and maximized recoveries. Alternatively, we are well adapted to defend where the responsibility for a cost overrun does not lie with our client. In essence, we can take the offense or defense depending on the situation. Over the years we have handled cost recovery programs from the tens of thousands into the hundreds of millions.

John G. Balch, Founder and CEO
Excell Consulting International, Inc.